PANZERFUNK - the /fowtg/ Podcast

Panzerfunk Episode 20: The Battle for North Africa

July 6, 2017

In this Episode the Funkmeisters discuss: 

  • Intro & Recent Hobby Activities. (0:00:00 - 0:23:05) 
  • Afrika Korps: Our thoughts and opinions on German forces for Mid-War in North Africa. (0:23:05 - 1:20:56) 
  • Desert Rats: Our thoughts and opinions on British forces for Mid-War in North Africa. (1:21:45 - 1:53:45) 
  • Command Cards: How we feel about the optional extras that were left out of the main Mid-War books. (1:53:45 - 2:13:08) 
  • Fog of War Cards: Our opinions on the new optional mission objective cards. (2:13:08 - 2:24:06) 
  • Criticisms and Complaints about 4th Edition so far. (2:24:06 - 2:53:50)
  • Ask The Funkmeisters: Questions from YOU, our listening audience about: Tactics for lightly armored vehicles, Assaulting in Team Yankee, What we'd like to see as plastic kits for Mid-War Eastern Front, Artillery in Team Yankee, Playing with British Infantry Tanks, Thoughts on the state of Team Yankee's balance, Choosing between the Honey Stuart and the Crusader, and Team Yankee expanding to other fronts. (2:54:36 - 3:25:22) 

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