PANZERFUNK - the /fowtg/ Podcast

Panzerfunk Episode 21: Communists and Capitalists

August 30, 2017

In this Episode the Funkmeisters discuss: 

  • Intro & Recent Hobby Activities (00:00 to 28:17) 
  • Red Thunder (29:05 to 1:07:41) 
  • Stripes Speculation (1:07:41 to 1:24:55) 
  • US Team Yankee Nationals (1:24:55 to 1:48:21) 
  • Fighting First Preview (1:49:06 to 2:27:46) 
  • Ask The Funkmeisters - Questions from YOU, our listening audience about our swearing habits, medium AT guns in 4th Edition, what books are needed to play the game, how we would have handled the 4th Edition roll-out, our reccomendations for battle reports, and what rules we like from 4th Edition as well as what rules we would have kept from Version 3. (2:27:46 to 2:58:37)

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