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Panzerfunk Special: Cheers Comrade! An Afternoon with Phil Yates.

September 17, 2018

Our very own Lord Viruscide sat down and interviewed Phil. Topics discussed include:

  • How did Flames of War get started? (0:44)
  • How does it feel to be one of the big three developers? (3:30)
  • What would you say is your favorite product Battlefront has produced? (4:40)
  • Are there any battles/periods you haven't covered, but want to? (4:48)
    • short historical discussion follows
  • Is there anything released that surpassed your expectations? (7:45)
  • Has there been a shift in how the design team sees the soviets? (11:32)
    • interesting historical discussion ensues
  • Penal unit usage discussion starts (25:25)
  • Why haven't Germans gotten penal units? (33:55)
  • Is there any chance of Mid-war Pacific? (35:58)
  • Was increasing certain scout armor a mistake or by design? (38:50)
  • What was the drive to eliminate gun command teams from 4th? (47:48)
  • What is the likelihood we'll see Flames in the sky? (50:18)
  • What is the possibility for digital lists in the Pacific? (52:47)
  • How did you decide if something was notable enough to be included? (54:30)
  • Does "Rule of Cool" justify things for you? (56:12)
  • What's been the best part about working for Battlefront? (59:45)
  • Will we ever see Mid War Monsters again? (1:00:10)
  • What will be the biggest change in Early War/Late war? (1:02:55)
  • ...have you heard of anime. (1:04:52)
    • weeb shit intensifies
  • How do you deal with a streak of bad luck? (1:10:08)
  • Outro (1:14:00)

-Thanks to Rochanon for editing work

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