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February 10, 2016

Where you'll eventually be able to find out more about the main cast and crew-the Funkmeisters, involved in Panzerfunk Radio.

Screaming Eagles - The mad genius whose half-assed boast of "/tg/ could do a better historical wargames discussion!" inspired all this madness. A member of /tg/'s Flames of War threads since the beginning, Screaming Eagles (more commonly known as just "Eagles") has done his best to be friendly and helpful to new players, helping to build the community and accidentally becoming the unofficial "Leader" of FoWtg in the process. But at the end of the day he's just some random guy from Long Island who posts about Flames of War on /tg/.

von Pedant - The man who made it all happen. Or at least managed to convince everyone else to make it happen. A very British Funkmeister, who despite not being the oldest of the crew, can often have the loudest opinion. Plays mainly Flames of War (German armoured pioneers & British armoured recce) with a smattering of other systems. Tends to know a lot about many weird and wonderful subjects; just don't mention idler wheels around him.

Hungariboo - on and off editor of the podcast, who loves to just upload the Panzerfunk theme over and over without the episode for some odd reason. Unable to pronounce almost anything, including English, thanks to a Southern upbringing, Hungariboo does his best to sound smart. Currently playing Hungarians (all the Hungarians) British desert rats in Normandy, Germans, and the SU 152 magical realm Soviet list. Hungariboo's been around for a few years now and is known for getting slightly obsessed over things that interest him, namely painting techniques, Hungarian military history, the Eastern front in general, and tank design. He is currently based out of the Southwest US and is looking for gaming buddies in the Northern AZ/Southern Utah area.

Lord Viruscide - The youngest of the Panzerfunk Radio crew, but also amongst the bitterest. A jack of all trades, packing a head full of obscure, useless, and trivial knowledge and extremely mercenary, He'll play almost any system and or army you put in front of me. A little too fond of playing Imperialistic factions for a colonial, given that his primary armies are British, Germans, and Imperials for X-Wing. Opinionated and in love with the sound of his own voice, can reasonably contribute to any discussion.
Panzer Lehr - As the name suggests, his main interest is in German Late War armoured and mechanised formations, principally in Normandy.  He also dabbles in MW and EW, but has yet to find the list with his name on it. He's been playing Flames for about four years, but has been a fan of military history and technology in general for long before that, with particular emphasis both in WW2 and in modern unmanned systems.  Also, if you need a German word pronounced on the podcast, apparently he's your man.

Bartosz - The graphic designer for Panzerfunk and the most oddball funker, he's the creator of the Girls und Panzer splat for FoW, plenty of banners, and the progenitor of such insanity as the PumaSwarm list and PzIF tank company support list. A prophet of IS-85's and Air Support, he may not make sense off the bat, but the guy does get wins in... Also he modeled Rudel in an A-10....because why not?
Steelwhip -'The Original Grognard' and owner who lovingly maintains "The Grognards Corner". The oldest of the Funkmeisters and has been gaming for longer than some of the other Funkmeisters have been alive. An ex military man from the Cold War era. He brings his own unique brand of veteran gaming perspective to the crew. Has been around with Eagles since just about the beginning of the Flames General threads. Also a very dedicated Advanced Squad Leader player. Ask him about it at your own risk.

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